Duong Nu Law Firm (“DNLF” for short), was officially licensed by the Department of Justice of Ho Chi Minh City on October 10, 2018. Since its establishment, DNLF, along with a team of lawyers, associates and legal experts have continuously made efforts to respond to the trust of customers and become a reliable partner of companies. head in Ho Chi Minh city and foreign investors. In addition to the values inherited from the brand APT Consultant Co., LTD (established on July 13, 2011 by Lawyer Le Thi Hong Thom), DNLF is run by a team of experienced lawyers and advisers. Professional activities in the field of real estate, intensive research in the legal field DNLF is increasingly trusted by its partners.

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To examine issues under different aspects as well as to analyze potential risks for client’s selection and decision.

Devotion - Integrity - Sustainability

To create, sustain and develop our services with our client’s trust.

To collaborate with our clients for success and sustainability.


Why do you choose DNLF?

Over 15 years of experience in working at companies, corporations specializing in real estate as well as in assisting international corporations, Duong Nu has achieved knowledge of laws and of the practice as experienced with matters in order to support our clients in eradicating risks in business operations and giving our clients an advantage over competitive opponents. Duong Nu is committed to collaborating, listening, sharing, and offering the best solutions to our clients.



Our philosophic note sent to our Clients is ``Excluding data risks from the business operation is excluding potential risks”.


To act as authorized representative and to represent our clients in cases at all levels of the Vietnamese court system, particularly in the areas of real estate or clients displaying unceasing concerns in our services.

Legal training

To share knowledge with partners, clients, and the youth generations to satisfy their orientations.

Your own lawyer

DNLF, possessing a group of lawyers, expertises, and advisors with profound legal knowledge, will be willing to assist clients in meeting their demands and becoming private lawyers meeting clients’ requirements.

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To receive satisfaction

Accurate - Effective and Lawful

Legal specialist

Don't hesitate to reach out to DNLF to discuss your legal matters, we will offer our support.
Build the process

To conduct procedures with full quality, progress and productivity as well as prevent potential risks.

Legal advice

To deliver the best solutions efficiently and quickly in order to deal with matters arising or legal consequences.

Completing the procedure

To provide legal advice, draft and prepare necessary documents in compliance with current legislation.

Settlement arises

To settle down disputes and ensure clients’ rights, which requires much less time and money.

Service pack

Please send us your request for advice by clicking on an advisory package provided by DNLF so that we can match your request.
  • Regular / case / hourly consultation
  • Short / long-term training / thematic reports.